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Domestic Discontent (part the portal)


We decided that it was high time we headed back to Gary Indiana  since we had not been there since this spring and had located a few new to us places to go sticking our noses into.  I’ll be getting to those sometime in the next few weeks, I assure you.

We found it in ourselves to stop in on a couple of former homes, since we are nosy and the doors were standing wide open.  It never ceases to amaze me to see how many empty houses are in this city, and how much people leave behind them when they vacate.  While many times they are cleared of all belongs you still find a good number of them that are basically fully furnished.  Not that you would want the furnishings at this point.


I offer you, juxtaposition:

new hydrant old house

View through a window.  This house was once a fine, large, beautiful home.  Obviously well loved and cared for, once upon a time.

window view

It actually has a little coach house behind it which at some point became a separate piece of property.  The fence separating the two has long since fallen down and they are at last reunited in their dotage.

gary 12 2 2012 201