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First, Do No Harm

A shady physician awaits his next patient.



Sick Hospital No. 2

Indianapolis, former psychiatric facility.


Cleanliness Is Godliness

From a defunct hospital in Kentucky.



Clean thyself, strumpet!


Satan is Waitin’…

…in the basement, apparently.  You’ll never guess who was up in the rafters.

satan is waiting blog

Highland Park Hospital/School II

I can only imagine the lurid fascination with which the schoolkids must have regarded the derelict hospital adjacent to their classrooms. Reality seldom compares to teenage fantasy, but should any kids have sneaked into the hospital, they would not have been disappointed in what they saw.


Room Numbers


Psych Ward


Exam Chair

Highland Park Hospital/School

As our fellow blogger Sometimes Interesting has documented extensively in Gary, Indiana, urban decay is a slow process. Rarely do buildings just go dark overnight; more often a succession of tenants come through after the original. Grand edifices get repurposed towards ever more menial ends until finally the lights go off for good. Never was this dynamic more vividly on display than in Highland Park, an independent enclave which lies completely within Detroit. Upon first inspection, we thought it must be an abandoned hospital.


The exterior.

So we were surprised to see all the trappings of a school upon entering. It was a school, but it had been a hospital. Classrooms were walled off; all the hoses, fittings and plugs which typically line hospital rooms were simply drywalled over. Very often, however, the original purpose showed through all too clearly, as in this nurses’ station cum teacher’s resource center.



There was an entire wing of the building, which the school had bricked up access to, that remained hospital. Your intrepid explorers did find a way in, however. Pictures of that will come next.


I plan things.  Most of the time I am willing to just along with whatever, but when I get an idea or have a mission, I plan things.

I had Sunday all mapped out, we were going to be hitting several locations and I wanted to explore a building or two that looked promising on Google Maps.  I changed my mind, changed it again, and settled into an idea of what my day was going to be.  Then, opportunity arose.

My day ended up going nothing like planned, and we never made it to the building I wanted to see.  I couldn’t be happier.  I still managed to get almost all the photos I needed for my project, and then some.

St John Hospital 2

I have so many photos I’m not even sure where to start, planning fail.

St John Hospital Triple Arch

I have a little project going on the side which I will be telling all of you about soon, but for now I’ll just say that there was a reason I needed to see St. John’s Hospital from more than one angle.  St. John Hospital

St Mary Mercy, again

Sorry things have been so slow around here everyone, I haven’t much opportunity to go out exploring as of late.  Our last trip was cancelled as Tabula Rasa was feeling under the weather but he is feeling better now and this Sunday we have plans to go poking around the old granary again.  My last trip there I was a little rushed and didn’t get to explore past the 6th floor.

So we’re going to head back to St. Mary Mercy for today’s post.  This is another location I would love to explore again.


On the first trip through a new building it is so easy to just keep going and see what is in the next room, down the hall or around the corner.  It is easy to miss a room or even whole hallways, so you tell yourself “We’ll go back for another round.”  As I mentioned in a previous post this doesn’t always work out very well since things can change quite abruptly in the space of a week or month.


St Mary is interesting since, like so many hospitals, it had grown over the years.  You could very clearly tell what portions of it were the original building from the 1920’s and which parts were tacked on later.  This stairway is from the oldest part of the building, and were in better shape than some of the new portions.


This is also from the oldest part of the building, and makes me wonder why I can’t have radiators like this in my apartment.



Just imagine you’re poking about the third floor of a 7 floor building in the dead of winter.  And then you see this hallway.

icy hall

Just in case you wondered why I do this, it is because of moments like this.  Over an inch of sheer, glassy ice coating the floor, in the middle of a building.  I felt I stepped out of reality in to a dream.

St, Mary’s, The Idiot’s View, Part the First

On pretty much every trip we do Tabula Rasa and I end up taking one or more of the same photos.  There are just some views that beg for a photo and you’d have to be pretty much blind to not see it and shoot it.  Generally we split up, but stay within shouting distance of one another for safety’s sake.  This trip I think we managed to diverge quite a bit (though both of us took a photo of the same thing in at least two instances, perhaps we’ll post them together and ask for everyone’s input to compare and contrast later).


First, your obligatory hallway photo with an improvement.

  2 24 13 hospital 055

Oh hey, I found radiology!

2 24 13 hospital 006

I walked past this at least 3 times before I noticed it.

2 24 13 hospital 126