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I’ve been trying out this HDR everyone has been yammering on about and while perhaps I could have made better choices on what my subject was, so far I’m not too unhappy.  So while I will not be shooting all or even mostly HDR, I am tentatively on the bandwagon at the moment.


After all, without HDR this photo would either have been all darkness with a little bit of light shining through, or a single wall with bright blown-out shapes in the darkness.  While I feel like this might be a bit over much for the HDR effect I am generally pleased with what I got.


I am enjoying the deep range it offers, but I’ve seen so many photos that are so heavy on effect that I am a little leery of going overboard myself.  Even though part of me enjoys the crazy effects I don’t want to detract from the subject.  Of the photos I have processed thus far I think this one came out the best.

This area was near impossible to photograph, either the windows were blown-out or almost everything was too dark to see or make sense of.  HDR seems like a great tool for urban exploring in particular because it allows you to more closely capture the level of depth a person sees in places that are generally very dark with extremely bright highlights.  We have more trips planned before (and after) the snow starts flying here, so I will continue to attempt to learn this new tool.  And while I am at it I think I have some photos from previous trips that I composed with the thought of trying HDR at some point, so we’ll see if there is anything there.

I’ve already learned lesson number one:  Trees will always give you a bad halo effect.  Next time I go back this location I have a plan for a shot that I tried while there which turned out horribly in HDR due to halo effect.  Next step is figuring out how to cope with exterior building shots and fast moving clouds.