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Damen Silos

A well known urbex site in Chicago are the so-called Damen silos, just off the Stevenson expressway and Damen Avenue. They’ve gained notoriety recently after filming was done here for Transformers: Shia LaBeouf: ReBeouf. At least I think that’s what it was. Some elements of the silos were removed during the filming, making for a tougher explore, but they were still worth a visit.



Skyline Framed.






In the next post I’ll have pictures from the interior, which include some rather creepy evidence of recent squatters.

The Industrial Way

We do a lot driving through industrial areas, not often stopping.  But sometimes you see something that stops you in your tracks.

Like the Cline Avenue bridge.

cline ave


Then you suddenly realize that the power lines for this neighborhood are not your standard lines.

heavy power

On the other side you have a veritable industrial wonderland of bridges.



As well as an uneasy reminder that all those puffy white steam clouds aren’t just steam.

12 30 12 027

Evolution of a Mistake

I’m not the sharpest tack in the box first thing in the morning and before coffee and it shows on occasion.  In this case I had totally forgotten that I reset the white balance on my camera to take pictures indoor the night before, so when standing on the river front under the bright sun taking a picture of the Cargill plant with the thought of maybe converting it to HDR I failed to notice that my photos were totally blue.

cargill in blue


I was pretty upset with myself when I got home and saw this.  But I don’t give up easy.  I decided to desaturate all 3 photos and just convert the black and white to HDR and hope for the best.  It turns out this wasn’t a bad idea at all.

cargill b&w


After a couple of days I decided to go back and see if there wasn’t more I could do with the image.   Manipulating the HDR itself didn’t give any interesting results so I went back and played with the brightness and contrast in the source files and finally got the result I was looking for.

cargill redo 2


Not bad for a screw up, eh?