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Dust Bunny

If city skylines are Tabula Rasa’s guilty pleasure then kittens are mine.  I have the good luck of getting to occasionally have a fuzzy ball of needle teeth and claws bounding about my home driving my older cats up a wall.

dust bunny blg25

My latest tiny cat was dubbed Dust Bunny, she was rescued from under a front porch by the local police after her mother was struck by a car.  They did not find any other kittens and given her behavior I suspect she really was an only kitten.

No kitten bites as much as an only kitten.

dust bunny blg08

She has already gone to her new home where she has another kitten to chew on, instead of my feet.  But she was quite possibly the cutest kitten I’ve ever fostered.

dust bunny blg



Tonight I’m posting kitten pictures, because I can and we need to lighten things up a bit.  Get ready to squee.






Bonus Kitten Post

This is yo6u 9999999999999+++++++

. . . Cat, get off the keyboard.

AHEM  This is your Sunday bonus post, it has been a while since I have done two things, a to-for post and a kitten post.  So here we go.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that my companion of nearly 14 years, Xerxes, passed away after being diagnosed with carcinoma of the intestine that had metastasized to his liver.   He was just a week away from his 14th birthday, which just happened to my birthday as well.

I got Xerxes from a co-worker back in the days of when I was a carriage driver, he was the son of Cersie, child of inbreeding (ewww) and the only kitten in his litter.  He was always a bit of klutz and not the brightest bulb in the box but he more than made up for it with his sweet, gentle nature and tolerance of whatever may come his way.  I had always wanted a tabby cat, but since my mother raised persian cats I was never allowed to have one.

Xerxes was everything I had ever wanted in a cat, more importantly he and Callista were my constant companions, even when we were all homeless together for the better part of a year.


I had very little time between diagnosis and deciding to let him go peacefully after realizing that he had been suffering quietly for several months.  I miss him very much.

Callista made it to her 14th birthday and continues to hold court without her friend.  I had initially adopted her with the idea that Xerxes would be happier with a companion since I was often away from home for 16 hours or more a day.  She misses him, and spent a week looking for him after I came home with an empty carrier.

I had no plans for adopting another cat, after all I have 3 cats and a dog already sharing my home.  While 3 cats a crazy cat person does not make 4 is kinda pushing it, right?  This is a lesson in the dangers of working in the field of veterinary medicine.

A client who is a feral cat colony caretaker brought in a kitten from the most recent litter of kittens produced by the one female cat that is too smart to trap.  The rest of his siblings had been trapped, neutered and returned to the colony, but this little guy wasn’t healthy enough to even neuter.  He was half the weight of his siblings, often drooled and when ever he ate he would gag on his food and spit it back out.  She was flummoxed as to what to do with him as she already had 5 indoor cats and 1 indoor/outdoor semi-feral living in her house.

I’m a sucker.  I took one look at the emaciated and terrified little kitten and decided I would take him in to give him the best life he could he have, even knowing that it is bound to be tragically short.

When he first came to me he was terrified of being handled by people, he was feral after all.  He would cower at the back of the crate when I brought him is food or took his litter pan to clean it.  I spend some time sitting by his cage playing the other cats so he could get used to me and in less than a week he blossomed into a shy but no longer feral kitten.  We ran some basic tests at work to try to figure out is wrong with him, and so far as we can tell he has pharyngeal dysphagia brought on by nerve deficits  which causes the gagging.  He also had a couple of parasites on top of the malnutrition he was suffering from not being able to eat much in one sitting.

On top of this he isn’t the smartest kitten I’ve ever met.  He is actually probably the slowest.  His body is not proportioned properly as his head is oversized and he has a very short neck, on top his scrawny body he looks a little comical.  His right eye is kind of droopy, probably related to the before mentioned nerve deficits and at 6 months old he has yet to weigh in over 3 pounds.   His tail has a couple of odd little kinks in it, and the very tip is flat no matter how I try to puff it out into a normal tail.

A month and a half later the out look for him is a little brighter, while he isn’t growing like a normal kitten he is active, playful and eating much better.   The doctors and I suspect that he may possibly have some form of dwarfism, and will never get much bigger than he is now.  We ran a couple of simple tests to check for the most common causes but they came back negative.  Is it because he was malnourished for the first 4 or so months of his life?  Possibly.  Does he have some other congenital defect lurking unseen?  Probably.

No matter what, he has a home here.

My adult cats took him in a fairly predictable manner, Callista hates him (as she hates everything), Jasio is his big brother and The Niblet goes between resenting him and resenting how nice he is.  Honestly.  He has no clue.

The nice thing about Callista hating him is that in his mentally deficient world she pretty much doesn’t exist.   His mother and most of his siblings were all black and white and he imprinted very strongly on black and white cats, to the point where he utterly ignores Callista.  This is just how she likes it.

On the other hand he saw Jasio and immediately ran up to him, purring and headbutting like he was greeting a long-lost brother.  Jasio was a little put off by this at first but now they are fast friends.

hector and jasio cuddle

Seriously, how am I supposed to make the bed in the morning when they are snuggled like this?

jasio and hector bath time

Oh stop being so damn cute together!

The Niblet, on the other hand, is annoyed that there is a new cat in the house.  She mostly puts up with him because no matter how many times she slaps him down he always comes back with purrs for her.   I rarely catch her grooming him, but often find them snuggling, albeit a little reluctantly.

niblet and hector small

While at first he was terrified of Kiska, he has come to realize she is a valuable source of warmth in the winter time.

hector and kiska nap time

So I give you Hector, the newest addition to my home, who isn’t nearly as evil as he looks in this picture.


Meanwhile… At Work

I may be slacking in the “taking interesting photos and posting them” area of my life, but I’ve found some time at work to have to have fun with our hospital cat!

Meet Bella, who tolerates being the victim of year old memes…. DOUBLE RAINBOW!


She is a good cat, a patient cat, a cat who only hangs out with the nurses when her favorite doctor isn’t in the building or is having a really busy day.  Mainly because the nurses do things like this when she sleeps in our chart bins:

Bella came to us several years ago from a multi-cat household where she was everyone’s whipping boy.  If something happened in the house to stress another cat out they would take it out on her no matter who was at fault resulting her hating other cats.  So now she lives in a building where hundreds of stranger cats pass through on a  regular basis.  Yet she is happy there.

Even when little kittens take over her bed in the doctor’s office.


Kitten in a Dustpan

Because some days you just need something to go “awwwwwww” over.


This is Dimtry, one of the many of foster kittens who have passed through my home.

Kitten Update

So once again I need to take a break from my Gary photos for sanity’s sake.  I think the final tally was some 900+ photos shot in a 4 hour span since I figured it was better to take too many rather than too few.  Instead I offer you the foster kitten update, after all, who doesn’t love kittens?

Currently I have 3 little plant killers living with me, the two oldest are about 10 or 11 weeks and may be going into their new homes this week.  Thank goodness, because they are driving me insane.

This is Meep-Meep, and she is not the primary trouble maker, but what the others start she finishes.  When not racing around pretending to be a tornado she is really very sweet and cuddly.  She also thinks she is proficient in the use of teh interwebz and admittedly knows how to turn on and off more of keyboard functions than I do.  If only she could do it on demand.

Now this little girl is my trouble maker extraordinaire.   Beep-Beep the wonder child.  Obsessed with plastic bags, the dog’s tail and making my youngest adult cat as miserable as possible (although to be fair he possibly deserves it).  She also has a weird addiction to cigarettes, she will steal butts out of the tray, carry them around in her mouth and play with them for hours.  She is the chief instigator of mischief and simply doesn’t know when to stop, but she does what time the alarm clock goes off and will make sure I am awake and ready to stop the beeping at least 20 minutes before hand.

Last yet not least we have Vladimir Van Helsing (this is why you should be wary of allowing more than one vet tech to name a kitten), he just came to live with me a little over a week ago, covered in fleas, infested with ear mites and very weak.  He was found under a porch and brought into my work where we cleaned him up, de-bugged him and got him into the shelter system I foster for.   I worry a little about him as he seems a little, well, mentally deficient.  There is no one thing I can say but he just doesn’t seem to be all there upstairs.  What he appears to lack in smarts he more than makes up for in sweetness, so it is all good. He is finally healthy and ready for adopting so hopefully will have a home in the next month or so.

Once the girls are gone the shelter will be sending me more babies to lose sleep to.  But they’re so worth it.

>Well, that sucked, plus Kittens

So shortly after a week long hiatus my computer crashed in a most spectacular fashion. Due to a particularly nasty virus that neither of my virus software caught everything went topsy-turvy and in the end the only thing left to do was wipe the hard drive and start anew. Thankfully I was able to rescue all the photo files that I had not yet backed up but the whole process left me computerless for more than a week, and more than a little angry.

Either way, now that I have my fiend back I’ll return to regular posting, I just need to go out and take some more interesting photos. Wouldn’t you know it, while my computer was down with a nasty virus, so was I. I forced myself to get up and go out on Memorial day for a photo trip, which I lasted a whole 20 minutes for. I exaggerate, I made it for a few hours, but I’m only vaugley aware of what was going on after the first 20 minutes, after that it was just hot, I was exhausted, coughing, sweating and sore and hardly seeing what I was shooting. Also, my new camera weighs significantly more than the old, and I felt every extra ounce of it. One would hope that in my combination heat stroke and illness delirium I’d come up with some brilliant compositions but alas, it was not to be. I think I needed to be sicker before that could happen.

My friend cut our trip short despite my protests because he could see what I was refusing to admit, I was totally knackered. When I got home I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep for a nap, then dragged myself out for a BBQ later in the afternoon, camera in tow. Still no amazing pictures, just snap shots of the party.

Then for other amusements when the computer was down I also set up a mock mini studio in the one place in my apartment that gets some semblance of natural light and had a bit of a photo shoot with the foster kittens and my cats. At long last I have a decent picture of my dilute tortie, and enough kitten pictures to keep lolcats going for a year.

Hopefully by the time Friday rolls around I’ll feel slightly more human since the plan is to go to the Field Museum, but at this rate I’m not holding my breath.

>Invasion of "Teh Cute"

>I have been invaded by “teh cute”. This is one of my two foster kittens, rescued from a high kill shelter with a dozen other kittens all slated from euthanasia, including a litter of 4 two week olds. The reason the shelter was going to euthanize? They were too young. Yes, that’s right, too YOUNG. This little girl is only 4 to 5 weeks old, staying in a shelter would have meant that she would grow poorly socialized and likely very sick from being in crowded conditions with other off-the-street cats, if she stayed healthy enough to grow up at all.
Thankfully groups like the one I foster for exist, to give these little ones (and big ones) a chance at a decent life.

Bonus, my new camera arrived today.
Already she and her sister have been the target of the new camera, talk about good timing! I’m terribly impressed with what it can do in “idiot auto mode” so I can’t wait to learn how to use it properly. I may have to invent a photo trip for the weekend, or I’ll just have to wait until the Memorial Day cookout to see what else I can do with it.