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House of Harm

That is what we called this building before we knew that it was named Mahencha Apartments. Nowadays, we are inclined to call it “the one that started it all”. It was something we had stumbled upon and thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of, and we were on the road to urban exploring.  It got its original moniker from a cheap paperback which lay in the courtyard; it was some horror/suspense novel whose name we forget, but it was subtitled House of Harm, which we though fit the surroundings perfectly. When we finally gained access to the school across the street, I was thrilled to see the view of Mahencha the rooftop offered.


Windows and Doors

Back at the House of Harm, I played with finding the best view out the window.  Turns out the best view out a window is into a window.

mahencha view

There isn’t much to look at inside of the building, mostly really creepy doors.

mahencha white door

Sometimes, you get really colorful doors.

mahencha door

>House of Harm

This post could be alternatively titled “We’ve Come a Long Way”. This is building that started it all for me, Mahencha Apartments, a.k.a. The House of Harm. While I was always a trigger happy shutterbug when handed a camera, this place made me realize I wanted to do more than just document the things I have seen and done. I wanted to convey the majesty, sorrow and despair of this building, and have failed to do so for many years.

The above photo is from our very first field trip to Gary back in 2008, taken with my old second hand p.o.s. camera. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and it shows. Of course, some could argue I still don’t know what the hell I am doing, and I wouldn’t disagree with them.

While the Blogger network was closed to new posts I took some time to go through my oldest files, looking for something worthy to share, and instead saw only cringe worthy snap shots with misaligned horizons, dubious composition and an obvious lack of understanding of the basic photographic rules. I remember being very frustrated that I consistently failed to capture what I wanted to share, every photo was like that. While I rag on myself a lot for having tons of room to improve, it makes me happy to see that in the past 3 years I have improved immensely. I don’t think I will ever be a great photographer, but at least I don’t take pictures like the above anymore.