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The past is a foreign country
whose emissaries stoically face
the indignity
of dying in a strange land.




You Are Here

it would be nice to be told
exactly where one is.


I am here.


Milwaukee Industrial II

A couple of shots from a sprawling campus on Milwaukee’s south side. Most buildings here have been reduced to foundations, but the front building, still intact, had some character.


Main Hall.


Side view.

Milwaukee Industrial

Two shots from a recent excursion to the land of beer, brats, and Packers. Kudos to the Idiot Photographer for doing the internet homework and finding this place, whatever it was.






Chutes n’ ladders.


Thoughts of Snow

More snow pictures!  I suspect the only reason I put off going through the Milwaukee trip pictures for so long was that I needed to mentally distance myself from the snow and cold.  I still haven’t done much with my blizzard pictures, maybe I’ll post those in August when it is 98 with a heat index of 115.Random moment on our way home from Milwaukee, we just happened to glance over at the same time and spot through the trees a nice little park on what passes for a hill here in the flatlands, overlooking the city proper.  Of course, being the dead of January and late afternoon, the snow had already begun so the skyline was pretty obscured, leaving composition difficult and frustrating.  I think the following was my best shot.

Still not that great, but I do like the lines of the roads and the river.  That big ugly modernist house in the lower left is rather unappealing though and I had already wandered far enough away from the car without enough layers on that I was done, done, done.  Either way this park is on the list of places we will visit now that it isn’t negative-silly-degrees out.

This is my favorite from the trip, overall.  I had near perfect light (for once) and feel I used it fairly well (for a change).  Just a little detail from the abandoned Pabst Brewery, which is locked up tight and has more security on it that I would have expected.  Not to mention a randomly patrolling cop just happened to round a corner as I was trying a door and saw me.  After that there were suddenly 4 squads in the area, going in circles like vultures around myself and my friend.

There is a little distortion from my wide angle lens, since at that time I didn’t realize the way to get around the distortion was to *zoom in a little*.  Doh!

Cold Milwaukee

While we are enjoying a break from the warm and muggy weather that typifies Chicago summers I figure I’d remind myself why I detest winter so much and go back to pull a few pictures from last winter’s Milwaukee trip.

It was 14 degrees out and the windchill was negative something-or-another-godawful.  The whole day was spent combating hypothermia and wondering if we were crazy to be doing this.  In my book, yes we were crazy, but it was so worth it.

>The Loyalty Building

>Over the winter my friend and I drove up to Milwaukee for a day trip photo shoot, this was mostly a scouting trip to see what kind of things we could expect should we choose to do a longer trip over the summer.

Scouting in 10 degree weather with a minus 14 degree wind chill isn’t what I would call fun, so a lot of time was spent ducking into professional buildings and seeing what the lobby or atrium looked like. The Loyalty Building was a huge winner for this. Nothing much has been changed since it was built back in 30’s or 40’s. It still has an eye watering patterned tile floor, copper details added everywhere, carved hand railing for the marble stairs and even the light fixtures, if not original, are true to the era.

By the time we go back it will have been converted over to hotel so I’m going to assume they will kill the personality of the building and make it as bland and inoffensive as possible (good bye insane floor tiles) and pull out the vault from the first floor, which inexplicably hovers 10 feet off the floor.

While we were wandering about I bumped into a lady who works in a law office located on the second floor and she gave me a few tidbits about the neighborhood, and the building it self. She was the one who mentioned the vault, which I had walked past twice without noticing. When it first went up, the Loyalty Building was a bank, albeit a bank with a decidedly odd floor plan. The photo for today shows the main stair from the first floor to the second. The light was simply amazing due to a massive sky light above it and that great winter light you get a few hours before the snow starts. I’m kicking myself a little for not closing down my aperture more, especially since this is one place we’ll not be able to return to at any point. I think my rational at the time was related to shutter speed and I was still trying to figure out field of depth.