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Organ Failure


We all know that no one loves a piano, but tearing up an organ and tossing it like that is going the extra mile.


Church, the Basement Edition


The Methodist Church in Gary is not the only one to fall into disuse, but it is the most spectacular ruined church.  This one was the most bizzare.  The building itself was originally a Settlement House and after the settlement program was abandoned it was sold or leased out, usually to churches from what I can tell.

I did not know what a settlement house when we first found the place, so actually had to do a little research since the building was very obviously not a church while at the same time was built with a church in it.    We found evidence of two churches that had most recently occupied it before it was closed for good, as well as evidence of the fires the locals said homeless people had accidentally started in it the upper floors.   This was one of those rare times passers by both offered information about potential squatters and that the building may be dangerous due to falling bricks.

The church in the basement must have been a very pretty little chapel back in its time.

basment church


Now it is more or less a storeroom of the forgotten.

basement church

I again marvel at the things people leave behind, in the community hall there were two organs just sitting there, mouldering away.