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>Gary Indiana, in Drag

>Yesterday was more fun than you could shake a stick at. We only managed 3 locations, but put in about 4 hours of shooting and our models were sore and tuckered out at the end. That and it is prime tick season so we were tired of picking the little monsters off of each other (the less glamorous side of this event).

The Methodist Church was our second stop, and as usual we had to share the location with others, the frustrating part was it was a low budget movie crew that had placed props in the main cathedral hall and taken over the stage in the dance hall. There was also a big boobed angel in underwear and her photo crew wandering about and I’m not sure who was more bemused by the other. We saw one lone urban explorer who was more than a little perplexed by the crowd at the church, but ever since the last Freddy movie re-make, it has been an even more popular location.

Still, we managed to survive and I now have scads of photos to go through and edit, so you know what you’ll be seeing here for a bit!

>Torrence Ave. Bridge

Not to say that this is the only bridge on Torrence Ave, but it is one of the more interesting ones. It is a vertical lift bridge, where if it needs to be raised out of the way of a passing ship the whole thing goes straight up into the air, like an elevator, rather than the more popular folding drawbridge.

You mainly see these in more industrial areas since they are seen as being visually unappealing, something which I strongly disagree with. They do, however, block the view of the river as you could see in one of my earlier posts titled Follow the Light.

This upcoming weekend will be filled with bridges like this one, we’ve set the date and arraigned the transportation to Gary Indiana and our drag queens are currently out shopping for new dresses and wigs. But that is just Sunday. Friday night, provided mother nature takes a breaks from dumping massive thunderstorms on us, we should also be doing some night shooting of the city and city skyline. Hopefully on Friday an artist friend of mine will let me come over and take a stab at photographing some his extensive glass collection and Saturday, well Saturday I’m going to an empty apartment party to bid a dear friend farewell as she leaves for Portland, half a continent away. Looks like the new camera will be getting a bit of a workout, which is what I’ve been striving for.

>Well, that sucked, plus Kittens

So shortly after a week long hiatus my computer crashed in a most spectacular fashion. Due to a particularly nasty virus that neither of my virus software caught everything went topsy-turvy and in the end the only thing left to do was wipe the hard drive and start anew. Thankfully I was able to rescue all the photo files that I had not yet backed up but the whole process left me computerless for more than a week, and more than a little angry.

Either way, now that I have my fiend back I’ll return to regular posting, I just need to go out and take some more interesting photos. Wouldn’t you know it, while my computer was down with a nasty virus, so was I. I forced myself to get up and go out on Memorial day for a photo trip, which I lasted a whole 20 minutes for. I exaggerate, I made it for a few hours, but I’m only vaugley aware of what was going on after the first 20 minutes, after that it was just hot, I was exhausted, coughing, sweating and sore and hardly seeing what I was shooting. Also, my new camera weighs significantly more than the old, and I felt every extra ounce of it. One would hope that in my combination heat stroke and illness delirium I’d come up with some brilliant compositions but alas, it was not to be. I think I needed to be sicker before that could happen.

My friend cut our trip short despite my protests because he could see what I was refusing to admit, I was totally knackered. When I got home I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep for a nap, then dragged myself out for a BBQ later in the afternoon, camera in tow. Still no amazing pictures, just snap shots of the party.

Then for other amusements when the computer was down I also set up a mock mini studio in the one place in my apartment that gets some semblance of natural light and had a bit of a photo shoot with the foster kittens and my cats. At long last I have a decent picture of my dilute tortie, and enough kitten pictures to keep lolcats going for a year.

Hopefully by the time Friday rolls around I’ll feel slightly more human since the plan is to go to the Field Museum, but at this rate I’m not holding my breath.

>Things I’m Not Good At

>“Things I am not good at” could be a very long list indeed, but portraits tops my list of photography things I want to improve. This was an accidentally good shot, and I’m sure I had no idea what I was doing. I had just upgraded from my hand-me-down camera to the Powershot and had no clue how to use it properly. Indeed I think I’d had that camera for all of a month when I went on this trip. I suppose it just goes to show that if you take enough pictures you will incidentally get a good one here and there. I’m trying to improve my aim a little though.

I’m looking forward to the Bristol Faire this year in no small part because of the new camera and I get to practice my people picture taking skills on the massive hordes. As well as the falcons.

This is the acrobat group Barely Balanced, and quite possibly one of my favorite acts at the Faire.
One of the difficulties in getting a good shot of them is getting good seats where you don’t have to shoot over 10 rows of heads but aren’t too close to the action, since they do move about on the stage a fair bit. I’d also like to get a good shot of Casey breathing fire, but she only performs that trick once a day so it is a matter of luck for the most part.

I am hoping this year we’ll get to go more than once, since there is no possible way to catch all the shows much less the street theater in even 3 visits. I’d also like to catch some action down at the court, hopefully get there in time for some dancing (they may even perform a “scandalous” dance in which you can see the dancer’s stockinged ankles) as well as get some pictures of the convincingly creepy Archbishop.

I’d also like to retry my hand at photographing the May Pole dancers, to be discussed in tomorrow’s entry.


>I’ve been quiet for few days, working on a few things and trying to make some of my plans into reality.

Plan number one, I finally ordered a DSLR, a Canon 60D. Check. It should be here Wednesday.

I went back and forth for a long time on if I should get a pro-level camera or stick with a more mid-range beast. In the end I figure I’m never going to be famous or sell my work, so why not go mid-range and save a few bucks to put away for all those spiffy lenses I want?

Plan number two, foster kittens. Check. On Saturday two little 5 week old fuzz balls moved in to stay with me until they find homes.

Plan number three, find a charter boat 3 people can afford for a 5 hour trip. Fail. I suspect part of it is due to the cost of fossil fuels at the moment, the rest of it is due to the only size boats in our price range are fishing vessels who are all booked up for the season.

Plan number four, settle a date for the Fermi Lab trip. Fail, -ish. We’re getting closer.

Plan number five, post-rapture looting. Fail, if only because the rapture didn’t happen.

Plan number six, set date for the first Gary Indiana Drag Queen photo shoot. Check. Brace yourselves for some hilarity at the end of next month.

Actually, to briefly address the Gary shoot, Misty Meaner’s partner has expressed concern for Misty’s safety during the shoot. He was a little surprised when I wasn’t very concerned, if only for the fact that Gary is a virtual ghost town at this point and most of the shoot will be inside. Also, I have Mace and a pair of buddies capable of defending themselves. I really don’t foresee any problems with the locals, they’re so used to photographers with their models at this point that I doubt it’ll be an issue.

One of the bonus points of this trip is I’ll have both cameras, and will be able to compare their performance. Until I get a decent wide angle lens I plan on hanging on to my old camera just for that aspect.