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Defunct Power Plant

Defunct Power Plant

This is a short series on a great find of ours, a coal power plant in Chicago’s south suburbs. This HDR on this shot is a bit dodgy, but it captures the presence of the place. It’ll have to do until I can reshoot it.




As one climbs higher, one has to make judgement calls about the relative safety of successive paths. I didn’t take this one.


Top Floor

Top Floor

At the top of the plant, at the end of a queasy climb, is this giant room. No idea what purpose the rails served, but if one was to fall through them, it was a fifty foot drop down into a huge vat.

More Power

Mysterious equipment.

dixmoor power plant d2 14


Made in Chicago.

dixmoor power plant d2 8


Row of somethings.

dixmoor power plant 4


Do not climb.

dixmoor power control wheel ip


One of the locations for my “In the Dark” series is an old power plant that, from what I can tell, has been shut down since 1977 or so.

dixmoor power exteriorip

The insulation (asbestos?) has come free from the piping, whole sections of grate flooring are missing on the upper levels and the place rattles and booms on the wind.  It is like christmas came a month early for us!

dixmoor power room ip

There are mysterious bits and pieces, as well as whole machines left to rust in place.   A playground for adults.

I wonder what this did. . .

dixmoor power plant 3

Sometimes I get a little spooked while walking among the machines, in this place that once was loud and incessantly busy but now is quiet except for the call of a train horn in the distance, the howl of wind, the clattering of loose metal meeting brick.

dixmoor power plant 2

I also wonder who Gilroy was.

dixmoor power plant d2 12