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Fargo H



Cars in a Slough v 2.1


It would seem as though a bit of snow has fallen over the Canadian prairies.

Little House On The Prairie

This little (not really LITTLE) house intrigues me.  There’s not a single tree surrounding it, which is rare on the Saskatchewan prairie (wind breaks…don’t want to lose that precious topsoil)…and the first time I visited it the front door (devoid of glass) was locked.

Lyons House, Manitoba, Canada

Lyons Abandoned-3All of this home’s former inhabitants are long gone…but this house still stands empty and cold another year.


Somebody’s Having A Bad Day


Good Livin’

Bounty-48I’m moving in to a new place today.  It’s nicer than this place.

Prairie Sunset

GirvinCraik-86A friend said to me the other day, “why don’t you take any pretty pictures?”  There is beauty in all.

Getting Schooled

SaskatchewanJuly2014-206Tabula Rasa challenged me to post a skool pic.  Here’s a tiny, one room Prairie skool house.

And Now For Something Completely Different

SaskatchewanAugust-299Not everything that is abandoned is dark and bleak.