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122nd and Burley

122nd and Burley

A shot to illustrate the above. The loneliest intersection within city limits, a picture of which the Idiot Photographer has already shared with you. One could sleep in the middle of this road and not worry about being run over for days. If you can relate to the singular kind of thrill we got when we stumbled upon this, you’re definitely getting the vibe of what we’re after.

Within Defined Limits


Chicago is a big city and most people imagine it is just full of goings on at all hours.  Sure every city has an empty lot or abandoned warehouses and generally neglected industrial areas but I suspect we managed to find the most desolate intersection within Chicago city limits on a recent trip.

I’m not kidding.

chicago WNL

Seriously, this is well within city limits.

chicago post apocalypse

We walked around here for a good half hour or so, just left the car sitting in the middle of the street.  No one noticed.  The whole time you couldn’t even hear any traffic, or trains, or anything but the faint hum of the power station when you were near it.

chicago RRx

Heck, we even saw deer.

chicago wildlife


We’ve got plans to go back to this one on a not so grey day, perhaps in the spring so the trees are just starting to put out leaves.   You see, this is one of those rare outdoor places  that kind of snuck up on us.

greyhound depot

This is the old Gary Greyhound depot; nature has turned it into a garden sculpture of trees and metal.

support tree

Running right along behind it?  A disused train track.


dead end


I’m feeling restless and on vacation for the next two weeks.  There is hope yet that this blog won’t fail!

>I’m Experimenting

>Well I think it is no secret that I don’t really know what the hell I am doing with this blog other than experimenting. A little advice for fellow novice photographers, a little self critique, with some random thoughts thrown in.
Oh mythical reader, hope you’re enjoying this.

I wasn’t too sure what I was doing when I took this shot either. I just ducked in under some blossoming trees and used them to frame one of the towers of a vertical lift railroad bridge. As it happens, I rather like the result. There wasn’t much I could do about the sky, the sun was behind the bridge and clouds were building rapidly, so everything is a gray wash. But I rather liked the muted light…. sometimes you trade one thing for another.

>Walking the Rails

>I’d much rather be out doing this about now, I’ve been cooped up too long and am sick of the constant rain.