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Light My Path

A new location was accessed by Moribund and myself last weekend. More on that in future posts. Suffice it to say that (speaking for myself at least) I was left wanting in terms of quality shots. Plans are in order to return in a week’s time to delve deeper and hopefully find more photo fodder. Extremely low light was certainly an obstacle last weekend, though one I think I turned to my advantage with this shot.


Adventure Complete

So we’ve just arrived home from our overnight trip to somewhere.  I’m not going to give details on this one, so don’t ask too many questions.  All I can say is this trip really took it out of me, and I’m not as healthy as I had thought I was.  Also, we listened to the whole of Beethoven’s 9th symphony on the way home, and that was bliss.


e area


I feel like we’ve earned a level up after this one.

Point View



Sign for defunct bar, Miller neighborhood of Gary.



Dom & Pete’s


Keep Locked

keep locked

Welcome to Beckman School, a little blue school complex down on Gary’s south side.  I found it on google maps around the same time I found Grief Brothers, but this was the first opportunity we had to wander over and take a look.  I have to say, it was the oddest building I’ve ever been in.  The construction is fairly modern, I’d put it somewhere around the 19070’s, and all of the windows are gone.  There is some evidence that Gary once tried to keep it sealed, such as welding the doors shut, but since all of the windows are gone (and part of one wall) this doesn’t matter.

There is very little trash around, and even less graffiti.  The lockers are all intact and there is a wide selection of desks and chairs to choose from but other than that there is nothing left inside.  Even the hanging ceiling tiles are gone, and the braces that they hung from.  The one thing that got left behind at this location was something that broke my heart a little.  The books.

beckman library

You may notice the other oddity about this building.  That is not an electric light shining there.  That is a skylight designed for hanging ceilings which provides no view but offers a fair amount of natural light to the room.  All of the second floor halls and most of the rooms on this end of the building had them.  Personally I think this is an excellent idea and all schools should have them where possible.  Natural light is more likely to keep people engaged than florescent light, though the unnatural florescent lights do prepare a person for toiling hours upon end in a windowless office with no hope.



I’m not sure which I find more entertaining, the use of inverted commas or the deliberate jumble appearance of the word “profusely”.

I’m also even more curious as to what was kept in the giant vats by this sign.

No Entry

Sign of the Times

South Side!   I love finding little places where they are family owned and so well known in the neighborhood they don’t feel need to update their look, ever.   Best part of all, this sign is hardly visible from the street as the tree blocks it quite nicely.

Of course, they have a very large plywood fence right next to the storefront, so they put a sign there too.

They are even courteous enough to include their phone number, in the old style.

Calumet5-6969.  I wish we still had phone numbers like that, though I suppose you could make up your own if you really wanted to.

Quick explanation; With the introduction of dialing a phone number (rather than having a party line or having an operator connect you) the general consensus was that 7 numbers was too many for people to easily remember.  So they used a word as the prefix followed by 4 to 5 numbers.  In this case you would dial CA5-6969 (225-6969).   Thus ends your history lesson for the day.