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Sofa Hell

The other day I showed you the stairs to Sofa Hell, the stairs that no one in their right mind will attempt to climb.   A few years before we had poked around the building for a bit and BentBottle had noticed a way into the second floor but it was as we were on our way out.  He never mentioned this to me but had said he wanted to go back.

Before our most recent trip we were discussing where we wanted to go, and I remembered BentBottle’s request and suggested we give it a try, Tabula Rasa agreed so we headed off on our little adventure.  On the way in I got distracted by mason jars so they made it inside before I did.  My first view of Sofa Hell, if you look close you’ll see BentBottle skulking in the background.

Sofa Hell


The entire floor is like this, there are a couple of open places and narrow paths to work your way through the heaps of dead and decaying furniture.

rotten chair

It is the hell of bad upholstery, collapsing walls, broken windows and fallen drop ceilings.  The stalactites are pretty cool though.

Second Floor

I had thought we would find more signs of parties and wanton destruction but other than the piles of furniture and some random garbage, not really.  Though there were a lot children’s toy scattered around on the third floor.  Go figure.

Stairway to Sofas

Some years ago we stumbled across a former furniture store, you can only access the ground floor, because the main stairs look something like this.

escaping couch

These days there are two large holes, and some plywood ramps over them because that is safe.

The back set of stairs were in even worse shape.

gary10 282

Now these stairs have only the bottom 4 steps or so, they are just gone.

Every now and again I would see photos of the couch sitting at the stop of the stairs on Flicker, and I have been waiting for the day it goes crashing through the stairs to going the rest of the furniture in what I call Sofa Hell.  But stubbornly, year after year, it remains out of reach  at the top of the stairs.

You may have noticed the large holes in the main stair case, they were caused by people braving the rusted steps and plummeting through.  From what I have heard no one was seriously injured but a camera did meet its demise.   I’ve been wanting to visit the second floor since we first found the place but it wasn’t until our most recent visit that BentBottle showed us the safe and sane way to get there.

So at last I can take this photo.

The Couch at the Top of the Stairs

I didn’t brave these stairs since I don’t trust them at all, but the second floor was interesting enough all on its own.  You’ve already see one photo from there, the tree from yesterday.

Next stop, Sofa Hell.  or is it Sofa Purgatory?  Perhaps they will be admitted to Sofa once heaven once they lose the tacky upholstery.