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High School Still Life

Time, weather, snoops and vandals have collaborated to bring you these vignettes.

Sweet! I've been dying to score some phenolphthalein!

Science Tableau



School's out.

Mr. Lemmon’s desk.

Microscope with Salt.

Microscope with Salt.


Hats n’ hats.

It shouldn't end like this, thought our intrepid photographer as the blocks burst through the door.

Block Party

Time, weather, snoops and vandals collaborate to bring you these vignettes.

Rained In


Sundays are meant for adventure, not rain.  So when our plans to go out wandering were thwarted by cold, wind and rain Tabula Rasa and I decided to stay in.  I wandered over to his place for the purpose of general hanging out and going over some computer stuff but I brought a little surprise with me.  I wasn’t going to not use my camera today, I had been planning all week on taking pictures of something so we were going to pictures, damn it!

Tabula Rasa gave me a long suffering sigh and that look that tells me I’d be insufferable if we were not friends when I explained why I brought my gear over.  Then he went along with it, like a good friend does.

So here is my contribution to the Ponies, Still Life, Cat collection.  We’ll start with the still life, bookshelf plus.



Next we have the education of My Little Ponies.

pony education

And last Fermi the Cat.