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Graffiti in School

On a recent trip to Cedar Lake I came to realize that I have high standards for graffiti both in content and artistic representation.   Most of what I see in Gary is involved, detailed and actually artistic to some level, even when it is just tagging.   Of course, there are exceptions to this.

pay me


But even when you can’t read it you can appreciate the level of effort someone put into it.



There was only one small section of hallway where lockers remained, and this was the area that got hit by taggers the most.



Some decided that the stairwells offered the best canvas for their work.

graffiti stairs


Still others made a patriotic display.graffiti and flag


In other places it gave a even more surreal feel to an already odd situation.

trophies and sam



Pilsen part 2

Ok so that took longer than I thought it would.   Regardless, I give you yet more Pilsen.

Let’s start with another god not Catholic:

I’m not sure who she is supposed to represent, but I love this bit of art on a door.


I wonder what happened to this building’s neighbor:


Lastly a bit of graffiti that still has be giggling.  Trogdor the Burninator has a little brother, and he is gonna kick Pedo-bear’s ass.

Return to Pilsen

Since the weather has been so nice I figured I’d take another wander through Pilsen, a neighborhood famous for its murals and general colorful atmosphere.  Once again I was not disappointed.

Of course, it is a strongly religious neighborhood, so most of what you’re going to see is Jesus and Mary.  They are literally everywhere.  There are also occasional dedications to Patron Saints, including the Patron Saint of Criminals and Artists (WTF?).

However they do get to compete with other gods found here and there:

I just wish I knew which one this was.  More tomorrow.

Tin Can Joe

Random graffiti on a rail car.

We’re not so good at following badly stenciled directions.