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Turn Your Speakers Down

Can you hear the wallpaper from where you’re sitting?


When I first started taking photos on these trips it was just documentation.  This is what I saw, this is where I went.  As a result I have a load of odd photos that I like but would never frame.  I’ve since shifted my purpose to attempting to be a little more artistic and trying some storytelling, but some part me just cannot resist ugly wallpaper.

Wallpaper may have fallen out of favor as home decor goes, but at the time Gary saw half its population run away in the white flight it was the height of fashion.   I have proof.

Red velvet-ish and satin-ish wall paper?  Oh yes please!

wp red

Not all wall paper remains on the wall where it started.

wp falle n

Sometimes there is only a little scrap left to hint at what the room used to look like.

wp scrap

But often you find whole walls of it.  Shiny, shiny, metallic wallpaper.  Drugs had to be involved in the choosing of this paper.wp metallic


Some time back I had mentioned metallic Navajo paper.  I wasn’t kidding.

 wp naavajo

Other people tried to be a little more upscale, a little classical.  Of course, they also neglected to line the paper up.  What room did this wall paper end up in?  Just guess.

w p nekkid

But so far my absolute favorite ugly wallpaper was actually found hiding in the deep, dark basement of the Methodist Church.  Orange and brown roses. With daisies.

wp roses