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Snow Haze

snow day


hospitalVirginia Creepers are creeping.

Window Garden

window garden




cleveland 2014 563



Existential Allegory With Bird And Window


Sometimes we know what we want, and see where we want to go, but know not how to accomplish either.






st boniface 124_5_6_tonemapped



Intact windows are keeping the ivy at bay.  Soon it won’t matter since not only the windows will be gone, but the ivy along with them.



In other news you may have noticed things look a little different around here.  We’re making some changes since it looks like we’ll have another person joining us fairly soon.  Eventually the plan is to fully change the blog name over to “The Sublime League of the Holy Lens” or some such, because we’re fancy like that.  One would think my screen name would have been the cautionary tale of naming things in a tongue-in-cheek manner but sometimes you just can’t help yourself, or take yourself too seriously.  Either way we’ll see how things develop over the coming months and I’ll update in advance of changes so we don’t lose anyone in the shuffle.



Keeping with the theme of late, and matching the Idiot Photographer blow for blow, I present to you: more stairs.





Portland Window With Banana


I remember when I was young, and could leave my banana out like that.

…among other objects, of course. I believe that to be Grimace, the Morbidly Obese McDonald’s Mascot.