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Fargo H



Cars in a Slough v 2.1


It would seem as though a bit of snow has fallen over the Canadian prairies.

Sanctuary in Snow

sanctuary in snow BLOG
Snowflakes descend like a pall upon casketed remains
The wind whispers secrets amidst the years of decay
Together, hand in hand, we share this moment so serene
Totally enamoured by the words she said to me

Little House On The Prairie

This little (not really LITTLE) house intrigues me.  There’s not a single tree surrounding it, which is rare on the Saskatchewan prairie (wind breaks…don’t want to lose that precious topsoil)…and the first time I visited it the front door (devoid of glass) was locked.



The vast Canadian prairies are vast.

The Oak in Winter

For all of winter’s austerities, there are riches to be found for those who look.


Frost and Fog

Just a week ago it was a raging blizzard with -30F windchills and here I am sitting with a window open because it is too warm in here.  Tomorrow promises for a new adventure, here is to hoping it is as rewarding as this one was.


Minor Drifts

Boarded Up  Perilous Stairs


I really can’t wait to another trip like this one, although I would prefer without a traffic accident please.

Winter is Coming.

Nighttime snowfall, Austin Boulevard, 2/2013


Bad Luck Goose


Talk about having a bad day.  I was testing the power of the zoom on my old camera (hence the grain-yness of this shot) when by luck I caught this poor goose as it misjudged the edge of the ice and took a little tumble.

Happens to the best of us though, doesn’t it?

Winter Shadows

Cold Milwaukee

While we are enjoying a break from the warm and muggy weather that typifies Chicago summers I figure I’d remind myself why I detest winter so much and go back to pull a few pictures from last winter’s Milwaukee trip.

It was 14 degrees out and the windchill was negative something-or-another-godawful.  The whole day was spent combating hypothermia and wondering if we were crazy to be doing this.  In my book, yes we were crazy, but it was so worth it.